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The Miracle Powder: True Cure or True Scam?

23 Feb

The Miracle Powder: True Cure or True Scam?.



10 Feb

Rolan Mendiola, M.D.

Dr. Rolan Mendiola

MHO/ Family Medicine: LGU Padre Burgos Quezon; St.Jude Hospital and Medical Center.
GRADUATE SCHOOL: Master in Hospital Administration – Far Eastern University Dr. Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation.
COLLEGE: FEU-NRMF Medical Center Class of 2001. HIGH SCHOOL: Holy Rosary Catholic School

The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind. — Philipus Aurelius Paracelsus

Doctors in the Philippines are trained to look at the nature of illness and its corresponding cures using established Western practices. Thus, they have a high status in society.

However, many Filipino doctors go abroad and lower their pride to work as nurses, if only to achieve financial security.

What they don’t know is that they can gain this much-needed additional income and, at the same time, also stay with their loved ones in their own country.

Dr. Rolan Mendiola and Family

In addition, they can also help patients in their own towns and neighborhoods.

They only need to keep an open mind and heart, says Dr. Rolan Mendiola.


Some years ago, during a surgical operation, a fellow doctor asked Dr. Mendiola if he had plans of taking up Nursing, then a lucrative course in the USA, and a sure-fire ticket for a green card.

After responding in the negative, Rolan’s colleague started talking about First Vita Plus.

Ang mga doctor di mu mapapaniwala sa mga herbal, eh (You know, it’s hard to convince doctors about herbal products),” he said.

Most doctors, trained in the Western mode of medicine, are hard to convince about promises of better health through alternative modalities such as herbal supplements.

In fact, they always invoke science as a shield each time they are asked why.

Dr. Rolan Mendiola was no different.


Having obtained his medical degree at the Far Eastern University in 2001, he was well-versed with illnesses and their cures according to Western practices.

 “Nung nakita ko panay gulay lang, masarap ang lasa, sabi ko, ‘Sige nga subukan natin’ (When I found that it was composed primarily of vegetables and also tasted good, I said, ‘Okay, let’s give it a try’).”


Together with their regular course of medication, Dr. Mendiola lets his patients try the product as a food supplement. He didn’t observe any ill effects.

One of his patients put a few drops of First Vita Plus on his sore eyes. Result: The infection didn’t last long.

Another patient applied the drink on his skin as a remedy for his eczema. Result: The eczema  dried up and healed eventually.

A patient suffering from renal failure was a candidate for dialysis. He  drank the powder every day. Result: He didn’t t have to go through the costly and bothersome dialysis procedure anymore.

Soon enough, his other patients started asking him more about First Vita Plus. This was when Dr. Mendiola decided to study the product and the business. “Tuloy-tuloy na. (It went on from there).

For three months, he listened intently to fellow doctors delivering lectures. “After six months, naging speaker na ako (After six months, I became a speaker),” he said.

“I could now help many people,” he added.


Dr. Mendiola emphasizes that healing ultimately starts with one’s self. “Sarili na lang ang nagpapagaing sa ating sarili (I’ts we who heal our own selves),” he said.

“Ang sakit kadalasan ay dahil na rin sa mga kinakain natin (Sickness is usually brought about by what we eat, too).

Pag dinidisiplina mo ang sarili mo, kumain ka ng tamang pagkain, kaya mong gumaling.  (If you discipline yourself and eat right, you can be healed).


Although it may seem that a doctor would have it easier to engage in direct selling, since his profession makes him command attention and thus convince people, Dr. Mendiola said that hard work and determination are still necessary.

Hindi lahat ng tao pare-pareho ang sipag at determinasyon (Not all people have the same level of hard work and determination),” he said.

“It’s really up to you. Nasa pagkatao na rin yun (It’s also up to one’s character).

Dr. Rolan and children

Lalong masipag, mas maganda (The more hardworking [you are], the better).”


Dr. Mendiola earns more from First Vita Plus than from his practice.

After one year of being a dealer, he was able to buy a car and deliver the down payment for a townhouse.

Based on the story Dr. Rolan Mendiola: A Different Doctor by Carlomar Arcangel Daoana


9 Feb

Harold Tanchanco, M. D.

Harold Tanchanco, M. D.

ENT Specialist, Head & Neck Surgeon
Calamba Medical Center (CMC)
St. Jude Family Hospital Los Baños, Laguna

After suffering from constipation for 17 years, Dr. Harold Tanchanco tried First Vita Plus and was cured. He now owns a FVP product center in Calamba, Laguna and practices part-time. [1]

Harold Tanchanco has been a practicing ear-nose-throat-head and neck surgeon for more than nine years when stress took its toll.

“I was very busy. My practice, which is based in Laguna — specifically, the Calamba -Los Baños — area allowed me little free time,” he said.

However, the surgeon’s hectic schedule began to cause him stress. Being a medical specialist is no joke. Most of the time, he would find himself exhausted after attending to all his patients and dealing with someone else’s problems.

“At the end of each day, I felt really weak,” he said.

The job required a lot more time than what he could give.  Although it was fulfilling, his profession started to take its toll on his health and well-being.

“I developed chronic constipation. A lot of people were already saying that I look old for my age,” he said.


Inquiring about possible remedies from colleagues and friends, one told him about First Vita Plus drink. He didn’t buy the idea.

His professional experience goes against the grain of believing in herbal medicine. “Being a man of science, I’m quite wary of products that claim this or that without proof.

Some of his friends never gave up trying to convince him but, “I didn’t really believe in herbal products,” he said.

Since he was in desperate need to get rid of his maladies. Dr. Harold eventually gave in and tried First Vita Plus – but reluctantly.

The results shocked him.”It cured my constipation and increased my stamina,” he said. “I felt good, and this was just by taking three sachets daily.”

He thought that if the product could do wonders for him, maybe it would help his patients as well.

Dr. Tanchanco decided to find out more about First VitaPlus — what it was made of, who invented it, etc. He attending the free seminars offered by the company.


“I was eventually convinced that the product has great potential, particularly if correlated with my practice,” he said.

Dr. Harold became a dealer in 2005. “I thought that, if it helped me, then it might help some of my patients, too. That’s the primary reason for my joining.

“The idea of having extra income at that point was just a side thought,” he said. “My first month commission was only P2,700.

Then he was surprised. “After seven months, the amount ballooned to P88,000 per month!”

Now he feels reinvigorated not only physically but also financially. His earnings from First Vita Plus have definitely augmented his monthly income. “And to think that’s mostly ‘passive income’,” he said.

“Health-wise, it did amazing things to me and to my wife, who is a doctor as well.


On top of that, he feels younger. “What I can’t believe is that it even made us feel and look younger by five years.

“Why? We are not as stressed anymore because of the entire windfall allowed by First Vita Plus,” he said with a smile.

“Even now, I still am amazed about the extra, extraordinary income First Vita Plus is continuously giving me.”

“Most of our earnings from First VitaPlus I already invested in stock market shares, hospital stock shares, real estate, several company stocks, short and long-term investments that would make me and my wife retire young and rich,” he said with a big smile.

After his experience, the doctor saw that some answers are not really found in medical books, and that modern-day miracles don’t just happen on the operating table.

Based on the report Dr  Harold Tanchanco: The Doubting Surgeon by Neil Ray Ramos, published in Good Morning! magazine.

[1] From Chay Alvarez in



6 Feb

Ross Daniel Tanagon: Lupus, Pneumonia

Ross Daniel was only 4 years old when he was diagnosed with lupus. The doctors were convinced that his case was already hopeless.

His godparents, Jojo and Joy Pera, found out that he was also had community acquired pneumonia.

Ross Daniel Tanagon

Doctors Gave Up

Pinauwi na nga sya ng doktor kasi pakiramdam nila, wala nang pag-asa (The doctors discharged him because they felt that there was no hope).

Pero hindi kami sumuko. Binigyan naming sya ng isang kahon ng First Vita Plus na inubos nya sa loob ng tatlong araw lang (But we didn’t give up. We gave him a box of First Vita Plus that he consumed in only three days).

Amazing Transformation

Noong third day, nawala ang pamamanas ng buo nyang katawan. Lumiit na ang kanyang tyan at nakakaihi na sya (On the third day, his body looked better. His stomach shrank, and he could urinate).

They were amazed by what they saw.

Nakakagulat yung physical transformation nya. Biglang lumakas. Noong una, ayaw nya maglaro, gusto nakahiga lang (His physical transformation was amazing. He was suddenly stronger. Before, he didn’t want to play, he just wanted to lay in bed).

His condition improved and his tests showed all negative findings barely a week after he first drank First Vita Plus. Tuwang tuwa kami noong makita sya. Namumula na ang mga pisngi nya (We were happy when we saw him. His cheeks were pinkish).

No to Vegetables & Needles

According to his mother, “Noon kasi, hindi kumakain ng gulay yan, puro noodles. Madalas ma-ospital pero ayaw na kasi puro turok (It’s because he never liked eating vegetables, it’s always noodles. He’s frequently at the hospital, but he doesn’t like it because of all the needles).

Dati rin, halos buwan buwan ay nasa ospital kami. Pero salamat sa First Vita Plus, halos isang taon no din kaming hindi bumabalik (And before, we were at the hospital almost every month. Now, thanks to First Vita Plus, it’s been almost a year since we went to the hospital).

The Tanagon family is blessed that they have the Share a Blessings group to support them.

According to Jojo, “Sana nga maging dealer sila. Para yung kikitain nila sa pagbebenta ng produkto ay magagamit nila sa pangkabuhayan at magiging libre na yung First Vita Plus na ibibigay nila sa mga bata (I do hope that they become dealers so that what they earn from selling the product, they can use that as a livelihood, and they won’t have to pay for the First Vita Plus that they will give to the children).

Pagtutulung-tulungan naming ng grupo kasi naniniwala kami na may pag-asa sa produkto (We in the group will help because we believe that there is hope in this product).

“My message to others: “Huwag panghinaan ng loob (Don’t give up).

Naniniwala din kami na ang First Vita Plus ay hindi puro business (We also believe that First Vita Plus is not only all about business). We share the product. Tumutulong kami sa abot ng aming makakaya (We help as much as we can).

Basta may kailangan ng tubong (When there’s a need for help), we never hesitate. Ganyan kalaki ang aming paniniwala sa produkto (That’s how strongly we believe in the product).

Text and image courtesy of First Vita Plus  
Translation by Jaime Cabrera


6 Feb

Eldina Gumayan: Asthma, Migraine, Dyspepsia

Eldina was working as Chief Phytotechnologist at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) when First Vita Plus was first introduced to her in 2005.

Eldina Gumayan, Chief Phytotechnologist, Philippine General Hospital

Ang asawa ko seaman, kaya nanay at tatay ako  (My husband was a seaman, so I was mom and dad). I wanted everything to be perfect.

Dahil dito (because of this), I became sick. I had asthma; I had a lump in the throat.

Drugstore At Home

“Marami akong naging sakit. Marami akong naging gamot pero kahit nakaupo ako, nagpapalpitate naman ako (I had many disorders. I had many medicines but I was palpitating even while I was sitting).

She had migraine, dyspepsia and not even her asthma medication was helping.

“I was praying so hard for the Lord to give me something na maiinom ko kasi naging immune na ako sa gamot (to drink because I was becoming immune to medication).

No More Calendars

“My answered prayer came in the form of First Vita Plus. At first , I did not give it much attention. But because of J.R. Colina, nawalan ako ng (I lost my) hesitation to be part of it.

“Nawala na ang ubo ko. Nawala ang kalendaryo ko ng drugstore sa bahay — dahil nabawasan na ang pagbili ko ng napakaraming mga gamut (My cough disappeared. I had no more drugstore calendars at home – because I was buying less of my so many medicines).

At maging ang asawa ko na dating umiihi ng may dugo dahil sa kidney stones, nawala din ang sakit. Sabay kaming naging maayos at hindi na sya seaman ngayon (Even my husband, who was passing blood in his urine due to kidney stones, he’s ok now. We both became well. He’s not a seaman anymore).”

Free For Vacations

Having financial health helps them enjoy better financial freedom.

Noong seaman ang asawa ko, maswerte nang minsan makadalaw kami sa probinsya. Pero ngayon, madalas na kami magbakasyon (When my husband was a seaman, we were lucky if we could visit our families in the province sometimes. Now, we go on vacation often).

Nakabili na kami ng second hand na FX. Nakabili kami ng bahay para hindi na kami umuupa.  Noong 2008, nakabili komi ng Innovo. Topos noong 2011, isang brand new Innova na (We were able to buy a second-hand FX. We were able to buy a house, so we don’t have to rent. In 2008, we bought an Innova car. Then, in 2011, we bought a brand-new Innova this time).

Ang mga anak namin, nagkaroon ng savings. Sa totoo lang, (Our kids now have savings. To tell you the truth,) we are enjoying our life now, because of First Vita Plus.”

Curing Cancers

Eldina uses her material blessings to bring hope to those who have less. It is her goal to bring hope especially to the helpless.

Alam kong hindi ito gamot pero ang epekto sa katawan, nagiging malakas ang immune system. (I know this is not medication but the effects on the human body is that the immune system is strengthened.)

Marami na akong nakitang mga sitwasyon. May bone cancer, may cheek bone cancer, pero kahit walang chemo, ok sya dahil sa First Vita Plus (I’ve seen many cases such as bone cancer and cheek bone cancer, but – even without chemotherapy – they recover because of First Vita Plus).

Merong may colon cancer na after two years naging negative ang results because of the natural health drink in dalandan and guyabano (I’ve seen a case of colon cancer which, after two years, the results became negative because of the natural health drink in orange and soursop).

Kaya nga naniniwala ako na (That’s why I believe that) you have to believe in the product and the product will speak for itself. Believe me, the returns will be very abundant.”

Come With Me

My message to others: Ako nakaangat dahil sa First Vita Plus kung kaya gusto ko kayong isabay (I improved because of First Vita Plus, and I want to share my blessings with you).

Maliban dito, hindi ko nakakalimutan na gumawa ng (Aside from this, I don’t forget to engage in) community service. We have 160 kids na tinuturuan ng (that we tutor in) Catechism for 30 minutes. May follow up on three major subjects at feeding. Tulong tulong kami (We help each other).

“And we could not do this, we could not give, if walang First Vita Plus. Wala kaming maca- (We won’t have anything to) contribute if not for First Vita Plus.

“Kaya maniwala kayo, parating may hope — kahit sa telepono. Kahit sa isang simpleng tawag (Trust me, there’s always hope. Even with a simple phone call), you can give hope.


Text and image courtesy of First Vita Plus 
Translation by Jaime Cabrera 


6 Feb

Jan Nicole Mercado: Kidney Failure

(As told by her mother, Melody Mercado)

Jan Nicole was 7 years old when she was brought to the hospital in Infanta, Quezon. Her creatinin levels were high, she was bloated all over, and she had to undergo an emergency dialysis at the National Kidney Institute.

Jan Nicole & Melody Mercado

“December 21, 2008 hanggang February 2009 ang worst time sa buhay namin. Alternate ang tulog at gising nya. Bed ridden sya at panay ang pagsusuka (December 21, 2008 until February 2009 was the worst time in our life. She slept intermittently, was bedridden and vomited frequently).

Someone Knocked

Tapos may kumatok sa bahay namin noong February 16.  Ang sabi,  i First Vita Plus namin ang anak ko. (Then on February 16 someone knocked at our home and said we should give First Vita Plus to my child).

Noong una, hindi ako nakinig. Sabi ko, dialysis patient ito. Hindi pwede ng maraming tubig. (At first, I didn’t listen. I said, this is a dialysis patient and she’s is prohibited from taking a lot of water.)

Pero noong panahon na iyon, nag stop na ang pag ihi nya. Parang apple sa pula ang tiyan nya (But, at this time, she couldn’t urinate anymore. Her stomach was red as an apple).

Against Doctor’s Orders

Despite her misgivings, Melody gave her daughter four sachets of First Vita Plus.

Na excite sya kasi may lasa. Kaya, kahit bawal sa doktor, sabi ko, bahala ka na Lord.  (She was excited because it had flavor. So, although the doctor forbade it, I said, ‘it’s in Your hands, Lord’).

Alam nyo, kalahating box pa lang naiinom nya, umihi na sya. So ibinili ako ng tita ko ng isang power pack. (You know, after taking half a box, she could urinate. So my aunt bought me a power pack [a bag of 12 boxes]. )

Noong nakaubos ng anim na boxes, bumangon na sya. Tapos humingi na ng pagkain (After consuming six boxes, she got out of bed, then asked for food).

No Guarantee 

Melody was an OFW [overseas Filipino worker] in Dubai but, due to her daughter’s condition, she chose to stay in the Philippines to take care of her.

Ang sabi kasi ng doktor, candidate na sya for a kidney transplant. Gagastos daw kami ng 1.5 million pesos. Pero walang maibigay na assurance no gagaling sya. (The doctor said she’s a candidate for a kidney transplant. He said we’d spend 1.5 million pesos, but there’s no assurance she’d get well.)

Dapat ang donor nga, isa sa aming mag-asawa pero walang maibigay na guarantee na gagaling ang anak ko. Paano na yon? (One of us – my husband or I – was supposed to be the donor, but there was no guarantee that my daughter would be cured. How’s that?)

A Hope That’s Growing

It’s been two years since Jan Nicole was last admitted but she has been undergoing dialysis regularly.

Simula noong uminom sya ng First Vita Plus ng two to three times a day, nag-improve ang condition nya. Pati yung exit ng dialysis nya, very clear (Since she started drinking First Vita Plus twice or thrice a day, her condition has been improving. Even her exit dialyses has been very clear).

Nagkakaroon kami ng hope na kahit walang ibang maintenance medicine kasama ng dialysis, bumubuti ang pakiramdam ng anak ko. Pati ang ihi nya, clear na clear. (Hope is growing that, even without maintenance medicine to go with the dialysis, my daughter is feeling better. Even her urine is very clear.)

Kaya l am keeping my hope alive na basta may First Vita Plus, kaya namin mag-survive health-wise at financially. ( That’s why I’m keeping my hope alive that, as long as there’s First Vita Plus, we can survive health-wise and financially.)

Keep A Clear Mind

My message to others: “Maging malinaw ang pag-iisip nyo kahit sa gitna ng madaming trials. (Keep a clear mind amidst trials.)

Kami walang fixed income pero, salamat sa First Vita Plus, naitatawid ko ang Php 63,000 na kailangan ko buwan-buwan para sa dialysis ng anak ko (We had no fixed income but, thanks to First Vita Plus, we raised the 63,000 pesos that I needed each month for my daughter’s dialysis).

Noong nasa Dubai ako, meron akong mga utang pero ngayon, wala na. Blessing sa akin ang First Vita Plus at blessing sa akin ang mga downlines ko (When I was in Dubai, I owed money from a lot of people but now, now no more. First Vita Plus and my downlines are blessing to me).

Text and image courtesy of First Vita Plus 
Translation by Jaime Cabrera


6 Feb

Carlos Gabertan, Jr: Peptic Ulcer, Prostate Infection


Carlos was living in pain for close to four years. He felt helpless and hopeless.

Carlos Gabertan Jr. - Small Store Owner

“I had peptic ulcer and prostate infection. I was drinking a number of medicines but none of them made me feel better. Unti unti kong nararamdaman na pabagsak na ang katawan ko (I could feel my gradual weight loss).

Nanghihina ang katawan ko at nangingitim na ako – parang babagsak ang mata ko sa hirap at pagod.” (My body was weakening, and I my skin was growing darker – my eyes were sunken with all the suffering and fatigue.)

Not Convinced

His cousin introduced First Vita Plus but Carlos remained unconvinced.

Hindi ako naniniwala noong una. Pero makulit yung pinsan ko kaya pumayag na lang ako. Pinautang nya ako ng limang sachets hanggang naubos ko.” (At first I wasn’t convinced, but my cousin was persistent so I agreed. He lent me five sachets, until I finished it all.)

Carlos was managing a small sari-sari (miscellaneous) store and a small billiard joint and he had barely enough time to eat properly.

Ang hirap ng buhay ko noon. Hindi ako kumakain sa oras. Pero noong uminom ako ng First Vita Plus, lumakas ang katawan ko. (My life was difficult. I didn’t eat on time, but when I was drinking First Vita Plus, I began to feel stronger.)

Detoxification First

Noong una, parang lumabas pa ang mga sakit ko pero ganon pala talaga. Nililinis ang katawan mo, tapos mararamdaman mo na ang ginhawa.” (At first, it seemed that my illness worsened, then I found out that that’s how it works: it first detoxifies your body, then you feel the relief.)

He recalls that before First Vita Plus, he would wake up in pain every single day.

Sakit ang gumigising sa akin bawa’t umaga. Para akong may LBM araw araw. Ang sakit sakit ng tyan ko.” (Pain woke me up each morning. I felt like I had loose bowel movements every day. My stomach was so painful.)

Pain Gone

Kaya naman talagang nakakabilib ang First Vita Plus. Naalis lahat ng sakit ko. Naalis lahat ng hirap at bigat ng pakiramdam ko.” (That’s why, First Vita Plus is so convincing. All my pains were gone. All my suffering and discomfort disappeared.)

My message to others: “Subukan ninyo ang produkto. Ibang klase. Lahat ng mga kamag-anak at kaibigan ko na nakasubok, puro positibo ang feedback.” (Try the product, it’s in a class by itself. All my relatives and friends who tried it had positive feedback.)


Text and image courtesy of First Vita Plus 
Translation by Jaime Cabrera