PART 2: Learning from the Competition

11 Feb

Improving medical service packages in the USA are luring local and foreign patients

USA Domestic Medical Tourism - infographic courtesy of

Hospitals in the United States are eager to keep American patients in the country, and are willing to offer much lower costs for surgical procedures such as hip and knee replacements and cardiac bypasses.

Outbound medical tourism currently represents $2.1 billion spent by Americans overseas for care, particularly elective surgical procedures, said Dr. Todd, who translates this into “$15.9 billion in lost revenue for U.S. health care providers.

To balance the revenue outflow, U.S. hospitals are offering discount-priced, world-class health care. Some US hospitals generate as much as 10% of their total revenue from international patients, and go to great lengths to attract, cushion and comfort their foreign guests, offering services far above and beyond simply healing and rehabilitating. For instance:

• The Laser Spine Institute (LSI) of Tampa, Florida, markets aggressively to domestic and foreign medical travelers. LSI’s informational seminars bear great results: nearly 70% of LSI’s patients come from foreign countries or other US states.

USA Healthcare Expenditures - Infographic courtesy of

• Philadelphia International Medicine and Johns Hopkins Medicine International have as many as 40 full-time interpreters on staff to help facilitate communication between doctors and patients.

• Miami Children’s Hospital negotiates hotel rates and arranges limousine service, baby-sitting, special meals, and tours.

• The Aventura Hospital and Medical Center near Miami offers a “Weekend at Aventura” package for international executives, which includes a complete physical, three nights’ deluxe accommodations, limousine to and from the airport and shopping discounts at the nearby Aventura Mall.

• By late 2010, The Center for Natural & Integrative Medicine in Southwest Orange County (Florida) was scheduled to open a 126 room Cambria Suites hotel that will invite guests and patients to enjoy spa treatments and detoxification during their stay.

In The Wall Street Journal, Victoria Knight reports that “U.S. employers are encouraging workers to travel domestically for medical care” while other hospitals are using the deals they’ve signed with foreign hospitals in order to force U.S. to give better rates.

NOTE: This is Part 2 of a 3-part report by Jaime Cabrera; it was first published in the international magazine Medica Tourism in December 2010.
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