10 Feb

Rolan Mendiola, M.D.

Dr. Rolan Mendiola

MHO/ Family Medicine: LGU Padre Burgos Quezon; St.Jude Hospital and Medical Center.
GRADUATE SCHOOL: Master in Hospital Administration – Far Eastern University Dr. Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation.
COLLEGE: FEU-NRMF Medical Center Class of 2001. HIGH SCHOOL: Holy Rosary Catholic School

The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind. — Philipus Aurelius Paracelsus

Doctors in the Philippines are trained to look at the nature of illness and its corresponding cures using established Western practices. Thus, they have a high status in society.

However, many Filipino doctors go abroad and lower their pride to work as nurses, if only to achieve financial security.

What they don’t know is that they can gain this much-needed additional income and, at the same time, also stay with their loved ones in their own country.

Dr. Rolan Mendiola and Family

In addition, they can also help patients in their own towns and neighborhoods.

They only need to keep an open mind and heart, says Dr. Rolan Mendiola.


Some years ago, during a surgical operation, a fellow doctor asked Dr. Mendiola if he had plans of taking up Nursing, then a lucrative course in the USA, and a sure-fire ticket for a green card.

After responding in the negative, Rolan’s colleague started talking about First Vita Plus.

Ang mga doctor di mu mapapaniwala sa mga herbal, eh (You know, it’s hard to convince doctors about herbal products),” he said.

Most doctors, trained in the Western mode of medicine, are hard to convince about promises of better health through alternative modalities such as herbal supplements.

In fact, they always invoke science as a shield each time they are asked why.

Dr. Rolan Mendiola was no different.


Having obtained his medical degree at the Far Eastern University in 2001, he was well-versed with illnesses and their cures according to Western practices.

 “Nung nakita ko panay gulay lang, masarap ang lasa, sabi ko, ‘Sige nga subukan natin’ (When I found that it was composed primarily of vegetables and also tasted good, I said, ‘Okay, let’s give it a try’).”


Together with their regular course of medication, Dr. Mendiola lets his patients try the product as a food supplement. He didn’t observe any ill effects.

One of his patients put a few drops of First Vita Plus on his sore eyes. Result: The infection didn’t last long.

Another patient applied the drink on his skin as a remedy for his eczema. Result: The eczema  dried up and healed eventually.

A patient suffering from renal failure was a candidate for dialysis. He  drank the powder every day. Result: He didn’t t have to go through the costly and bothersome dialysis procedure anymore.

Soon enough, his other patients started asking him more about First Vita Plus. This was when Dr. Mendiola decided to study the product and the business. “Tuloy-tuloy na. (It went on from there).

For three months, he listened intently to fellow doctors delivering lectures. “After six months, naging speaker na ako (After six months, I became a speaker),” he said.

“I could now help many people,” he added.


Dr. Mendiola emphasizes that healing ultimately starts with one’s self. “Sarili na lang ang nagpapagaing sa ating sarili (I’ts we who heal our own selves),” he said.

“Ang sakit kadalasan ay dahil na rin sa mga kinakain natin (Sickness is usually brought about by what we eat, too).

Pag dinidisiplina mo ang sarili mo, kumain ka ng tamang pagkain, kaya mong gumaling.  (If you discipline yourself and eat right, you can be healed).


Although it may seem that a doctor would have it easier to engage in direct selling, since his profession makes him command attention and thus convince people, Dr. Mendiola said that hard work and determination are still necessary.

Hindi lahat ng tao pare-pareho ang sipag at determinasyon (Not all people have the same level of hard work and determination),” he said.

“It’s really up to you. Nasa pagkatao na rin yun (It’s also up to one’s character).

Dr. Rolan and children

Lalong masipag, mas maganda (The more hardworking [you are], the better).”


Dr. Mendiola earns more from First Vita Plus than from his practice.

After one year of being a dealer, he was able to buy a car and deliver the down payment for a townhouse.

Based on the story Dr. Rolan Mendiola: A Different Doctor by Carlomar Arcangel Daoana

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