9 Feb

Harold Tanchanco, M. D.

Harold Tanchanco, M. D.

ENT Specialist, Head & Neck Surgeon
Calamba Medical Center (CMC)
St. Jude Family Hospital Los Baños, Laguna

After suffering from constipation for 17 years, Dr. Harold Tanchanco tried First Vita Plus and was cured. He now owns a FVP product center in Calamba, Laguna and practices part-time. [1]

Harold Tanchanco has been a practicing ear-nose-throat-head and neck surgeon for more than nine years when stress took its toll.

“I was very busy. My practice, which is based in Laguna — specifically, the Calamba -Los Baños — area allowed me little free time,” he said.

However, the surgeon’s hectic schedule began to cause him stress. Being a medical specialist is no joke. Most of the time, he would find himself exhausted after attending to all his patients and dealing with someone else’s problems.

“At the end of each day, I felt really weak,” he said.

The job required a lot more time than what he could give.  Although it was fulfilling, his profession started to take its toll on his health and well-being.

“I developed chronic constipation. A lot of people were already saying that I look old for my age,” he said.


Inquiring about possible remedies from colleagues and friends, one told him about First Vita Plus drink. He didn’t buy the idea.

His professional experience goes against the grain of believing in herbal medicine. “Being a man of science, I’m quite wary of products that claim this or that without proof.

Some of his friends never gave up trying to convince him but, “I didn’t really believe in herbal products,” he said.

Since he was in desperate need to get rid of his maladies. Dr. Harold eventually gave in and tried First Vita Plus – but reluctantly.

The results shocked him.”It cured my constipation and increased my stamina,” he said. “I felt good, and this was just by taking three sachets daily.”

He thought that if the product could do wonders for him, maybe it would help his patients as well.

Dr. Tanchanco decided to find out more about First VitaPlus — what it was made of, who invented it, etc. He attending the free seminars offered by the company.


“I was eventually convinced that the product has great potential, particularly if correlated with my practice,” he said.

Dr. Harold became a dealer in 2005. “I thought that, if it helped me, then it might help some of my patients, too. That’s the primary reason for my joining.

“The idea of having extra income at that point was just a side thought,” he said. “My first month commission was only P2,700.

Then he was surprised. “After seven months, the amount ballooned to P88,000 per month!”

Now he feels reinvigorated not only physically but also financially. His earnings from First Vita Plus have definitely augmented his monthly income. “And to think that’s mostly ‘passive income’,” he said.

“Health-wise, it did amazing things to me and to my wife, who is a doctor as well.


On top of that, he feels younger. “What I can’t believe is that it even made us feel and look younger by five years.

“Why? We are not as stressed anymore because of the entire windfall allowed by First Vita Plus,” he said with a smile.

“Even now, I still am amazed about the extra, extraordinary income First Vita Plus is continuously giving me.”

“Most of our earnings from First VitaPlus I already invested in stock market shares, hospital stock shares, real estate, several company stocks, short and long-term investments that would make me and my wife retire young and rich,” he said with a big smile.

After his experience, the doctor saw that some answers are not really found in medical books, and that modern-day miracles don’t just happen on the operating table.

Based on the report Dr  Harold Tanchanco: The Doubting Surgeon by Neil Ray Ramos, published in Good Morning! magazine.

[1] From Chay Alvarez in http://www.yasni.com


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