6 Feb

Eldina Gumayan: Asthma, Migraine, Dyspepsia

Eldina was working as Chief Phytotechnologist at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) when First Vita Plus was first introduced to her in 2005.

Eldina Gumayan, Chief Phytotechnologist, Philippine General Hospital

Ang asawa ko seaman, kaya nanay at tatay ako  (My husband was a seaman, so I was mom and dad). I wanted everything to be perfect.

Dahil dito (because of this), I became sick. I had asthma; I had a lump in the throat.

Drugstore At Home

“Marami akong naging sakit. Marami akong naging gamot pero kahit nakaupo ako, nagpapalpitate naman ako (I had many disorders. I had many medicines but I was palpitating even while I was sitting).

She had migraine, dyspepsia and not even her asthma medication was helping.

“I was praying so hard for the Lord to give me something na maiinom ko kasi naging immune na ako sa gamot (to drink because I was becoming immune to medication).

No More Calendars

“My answered prayer came in the form of First Vita Plus. At first , I did not give it much attention. But because of J.R. Colina, nawalan ako ng (I lost my) hesitation to be part of it.

“Nawala na ang ubo ko. Nawala ang kalendaryo ko ng drugstore sa bahay — dahil nabawasan na ang pagbili ko ng napakaraming mga gamut (My cough disappeared. I had no more drugstore calendars at home – because I was buying less of my so many medicines).

At maging ang asawa ko na dating umiihi ng may dugo dahil sa kidney stones, nawala din ang sakit. Sabay kaming naging maayos at hindi na sya seaman ngayon (Even my husband, who was passing blood in his urine due to kidney stones, he’s ok now. We both became well. He’s not a seaman anymore).”

Free For Vacations

Having financial health helps them enjoy better financial freedom.

Noong seaman ang asawa ko, maswerte nang minsan makadalaw kami sa probinsya. Pero ngayon, madalas na kami magbakasyon (When my husband was a seaman, we were lucky if we could visit our families in the province sometimes. Now, we go on vacation often).

Nakabili na kami ng second hand na FX. Nakabili kami ng bahay para hindi na kami umuupa.  Noong 2008, nakabili komi ng Innovo. Topos noong 2011, isang brand new Innova na (We were able to buy a second-hand FX. We were able to buy a house, so we don’t have to rent. In 2008, we bought an Innova car. Then, in 2011, we bought a brand-new Innova this time).

Ang mga anak namin, nagkaroon ng savings. Sa totoo lang, (Our kids now have savings. To tell you the truth,) we are enjoying our life now, because of First Vita Plus.”

Curing Cancers

Eldina uses her material blessings to bring hope to those who have less. It is her goal to bring hope especially to the helpless.

Alam kong hindi ito gamot pero ang epekto sa katawan, nagiging malakas ang immune system. (I know this is not medication but the effects on the human body is that the immune system is strengthened.)

Marami na akong nakitang mga sitwasyon. May bone cancer, may cheek bone cancer, pero kahit walang chemo, ok sya dahil sa First Vita Plus (I’ve seen many cases such as bone cancer and cheek bone cancer, but – even without chemotherapy – they recover because of First Vita Plus).

Merong may colon cancer na after two years naging negative ang results because of the natural health drink in dalandan and guyabano (I’ve seen a case of colon cancer which, after two years, the results became negative because of the natural health drink in orange and soursop).

Kaya nga naniniwala ako na (That’s why I believe that) you have to believe in the product and the product will speak for itself. Believe me, the returns will be very abundant.”

Come With Me

My message to others: Ako nakaangat dahil sa First Vita Plus kung kaya gusto ko kayong isabay (I improved because of First Vita Plus, and I want to share my blessings with you).

Maliban dito, hindi ko nakakalimutan na gumawa ng (Aside from this, I don’t forget to engage in) community service. We have 160 kids na tinuturuan ng (that we tutor in) Catechism for 30 minutes. May follow up on three major subjects at feeding. Tulong tulong kami (We help each other).

“And we could not do this, we could not give, if walang First Vita Plus. Wala kaming maca- (We won’t have anything to) contribute if not for First Vita Plus.

“Kaya maniwala kayo, parating may hope — kahit sa telepono. Kahit sa isang simpleng tawag (Trust me, there’s always hope. Even with a simple phone call), you can give hope.


Text and image courtesy of First Vita Plus 
Translation by Jaime Cabrera 



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